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        Welcome to visit our website, Dongguan Zhanxiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd !

        Successful Cases

        custom stamping jewelry buckle

        Cooperation customersCustomer witness

        Cooperation customers

        French customers come to visit our company.Company showed

        French customers come to visit our company.

        products quality testingStep into Zhanxiang

        products quality testing

        Zhanxiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd
        Dongguan Zhanxiang Hardware Products Co., Ltd is a affiliate enterprise of Zhanxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd, which professionalized in manufacturing precision spring, stamping parts, CNC machining parts, forging parts, assembly parts, electronic accessories, OEM/ ODM assembling. We are a joint - stock enterprise, have got the ISO quality management system certification! Many advanced production and test facilities, CNC computer universal machine, CNC computer spring shaped machine, Precision compression spring shaped machine, button-making machine, lathe, punch, profile projector, two-dimensional measuring instrument, salt spray tester, high speed polishing stake, ultrasonic machine, life tester, tensile tester, etc.

        products quality testingHonor Certificates

        products quality testing
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